New Build Pieces and Build System Changes

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New Cosmetic Buildables

In Update 5 there’s going to be a ton of new build pieces but also some changes to existing ones!

  • Pillars
    • Pillars now come in multiple sizes and types! There is now a smaller sized pillar (and it’s matching base and top) for cases where the regular pillars were just a tad too big. There are also three types of pillars now: steel, concrete, and frame pillars.
  • Railings/Fences
    • Along with the regular fences there are now also half railings and barriers! Railings can be placed on ramps now as well, so that’s neat.
  • Roofing
    • A new addition to the game: roofs! They will be available in different types, for example: regular, metal, and glass roofing!
  • Beams
    • BEAMS!!! That’s right! Beams are a new way to help organize power pole connectors, run conveyor belts, or just fill out your factory in a nice way! There’s also a beam connector to help connect and create various shapes with the beams.
  • Walkways
    • We have given the walkways a bit of a face lift to better fit the aesthetic of the new railings. We have also added stair walkways! ✨
  • Frames
    • Last but not least, we’ve included more frame types! You can now also build frame walls, ramps, pillars, and floors!

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