No Man’s Sky Endurance Update – Official Trailer

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Check out the latest No Man’s Sky trailer. Endurance is No Man’s Sky’s 20th free update, introducing a complete overhaul of freighters and fleets, alongside a total rework for space bases that allows players to build impressive structures on their own capital ship. In the new update, players will have instant access to warping and teleportation, be able to space walk on exterior walkways, grow food, build manufacturing facilities, and more. See the game’s huge new asteroid fields and embark on the new Polestar expedition, which focuses on a capital ship voyage, Nexus missions, and a Twitch Drops campaign. No Man’s Sky Endurance releases as a free update on July 20, coinciding with the game’s sixth anniversary.

I have to give credit where credit is due and Hello Games have shown how committed they are to this game, and incredible turn around from when NMS originally released.

Ubisoft Pulls Online Services from Older Games

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Possibly Rendering all DLC Purchases Unusable?

Initial reports:

Clarifications issued from Ubisoft mentioned in other articles:

At this point it is still somewhat unclear as to what specifically will occur with purchased DLC it seems as if Ubisoft is stating at least for the moment that anyone who has already purchased DLC will continue to have access to said DLC. Is this completely correct? Only time will tell.

Below is an interesting discussion by Hoeg Law:

YT Videos Discussing the Ubisoft Issues:

It seems like some developers are trying to fight back! Anno2070 Devs are an example of this…

Other information:

  • Even if Ubisoft has stated that this was possibly a miscommunication it is important to note that this trend of pulling licensed content is a trend that must be followed and analyzed from a legal and financial perspective.
    • My personal recommendations:
      • Stay well away from Ubisoft purchases if you value your hard earned money.
      • If you have to buy DLC/Game Content from them, only buy on deep sale, and even then know your purchases will only be valid on the short term. Any content you purchase will get pulled at some point.
      • If you currently own DLC content (Via Steam, Ubi, ETC) back up that content, it will not be available past September 22nd
      • Buy/Support games that have a way to self host content

Disney PANICS! Obi-Wan Kenobi is AWFUL

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Disney Star Wars is a DISASTER. That shouldn’t be news to anyone at this point. Including Disney. Time to reach into that 2017 bag of tricks and blame the remaining fans for Lucasfilm’s FAILURES. Obi-Wan Kenobi so far is awful on almost every level. Interrupted with fleeting moments that might seem Star Wars-ish. That’s what you get from Disney after almost a decade.

Twitch Is Worse Than You Thought

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Twitch is being ruined by Jeff Bezos’s Amazon after Twitch was purchased for $1 billion in the business acquisition. And has lead twitch to become trash and twitch is bad. We will discuss why Twitch streamers like Hasan Piker make lots of money from twitch and why para social relationships are so popular. We will talk about the twitch breach, twitch leaks, twitch bans, twitch swatting, crimes caught on twitch and why I hate twitch. This video will explore the twitch iceberg.