Adios California!

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California is a DISASTER to state the obvious. After 52 years, 5 months, 4 weeks, and 2 days living in my home state California the time has finally come for us to part ways. It’s not me, it’s YOU. A little over a year and a half ago my wife was forced by the city of San Francisco to shut down her healthy and thriving business of over 15 years. The culmination of her life’s work. 2 weeks to slow the spread turned into 2 years with no end in site here. We knew back then things were changing, and not for the better, so without a lot of time we had to make a life changing decision. The decision was easy, the process was not. Ours is not the only story and it is far from the worst.

The California Exodus that was so widely reported in 2020, and isn’t now, is still happening except it has turned into a flood. So much so U-Haul ran out of trucks at one point in time and moving companies are booked out for weeks and the prices have quadrupled. Giant companies, Hollywood celebs, and Hollywood execs are fleeing. Along with your average working Joes. Big difference is some of us did not contribute to this mess with our votes, but we did through our taxes. The crime is out of control, everything is expensive. The riots have evolved into coordinated robberies and the lockdowns have evolved into mandates. A refined kind of tyranny. So we will take a brief break from pop culture to give an update on what has happened since my last CalExit video and our big move to Texas and FREEDOM!

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