Spin Rythym XD (Update 11)

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Easy levels were seemingly too short. In this patch they have extended every single Easy level to at least Normal length, extended 11 Normal (and thus Easy) levels to the length of Hard levels. Overall there should be more content for players who aren’t chasing mastery of SRXD, but want to chill and have fun. They feel this is a happy medium between full length charts for every difficulty (over half our charts are around 4 minutes or longer) and some of the current Easy levels which were only around a single minute of gameplay.


The scoring system has had a complete overhaul.

  • To make sure there is score differentiation at the top of the leaderboards
  • To make it so that notes have a more balanced value relative to their skill required to execute
  • To make it so that missing a note doesn’t lose you a disproportionate amount of score depending on when you failed
  • To improve competitive (tournament) SRXD play


There have been many frustrations with the difficulty of SRXD. People of all skill levels complain about the transitions between Easy to Normal, Normal to Hard and so on being too tough. Their team agrees, so they played through every single level in order multiple times and made some serious changes to the design of most of SRXD levels.

If you find any jank please let them know in their Discord channel.

For full details take a look at their full patch notes here.

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